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WhatsApp Live Status Update! Set Video, GIF, Images As Status!

WhatsApp has no doubt remained the best instant messaging app till now. It has been able to dominate all the messaging applications till now and remained the most user-friendly messaging app that is not addictive but a lifesaver. But what about the new WhatsApp Live Status Update that will soon be available in the latest updated version of the app?

Most of you might not be familiar to live statuses, but if you have been a regular user of Snapchat and Instagram, you know what I am talking about. So, take a look at what makes this new feature of WhatsApp interesting and whether or not it is worth it.

whatsapp live status update

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WhatsApp Live Status Update feature: How it began!

The live status feature is nothing new to people active on social media. With its initial beginning with Snapchat, the live status or “story” as it is called in Snapchat became a very popular feature.

In short, Snapchat’s popularity as a chatting app was triggered by the live status or story feature which was a hit among millions of users.

Later, the photo-sharing giant Instagram took this feature and made it its own taking hold of half of Snapchat’s users. And now we are all set to experience the same feature in WhatsApp, so it’s like the same thing over and over again just with the change of the platform.

And to all those who are new to the live status feature it is nothing but a status in the form of a video or gif which you can upload in the form of a status but which remains for a limited period like 24 hours, quite interesting, right?

Live Status Update Feature of WhatsApp: All you need to know!

So, if you are excited about this new live status feature of WhatsApp let me go deeper and explain how it works.

Previously, WhatsApp users could only update a text status of their own or choose from the already provided status list like “Busy, At School, Battery about to die” and much more.

The owners of WhatsApp found that only a minimum number of people actually used this feature. Some would frequently change their status, while others just kept one status and forgot about it and some would never even set one.

So, with the aim to make people use the status feature more often they decided to update the status feature to the live status feature. But, is it going to bring any change? Only time will tell.

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How to use the live status feature on WhatsApp?

Using this new live status feature of WhatsApp is quite easy. Just follow the following steps given below and set your very first live status on WhatsApp and share your activity to the world.

  • Once you have updated WhatsApp, open it and you will find four new tabs that are available in the user interface. The four tabs are a small camera symbol, Chats, Status, and Calls.
  • Go to the “Status” option, and you will find a green broken circle with a plus symbol above, and you will clearly find “My Status” written just near to it.
  • Click on “My status, ” and the camera will open.

live status whatsapp

  • Take a picture of what you are doing along with a caption.
  • Once you are ready to update the status, an option will come saying “This status update will be sent to your contacts. Change privacy settings” with CANCEL and SEND option.

how to set whatsapp status


  • You can change the privacy settings and set the status update to be visible to friends on your list or a select few.

whatsapp app status

  • Once you have set hit “Send” and your status will be live in a few seconds.

whatsapp tagline

That’s all; you have successfully done your first WhatsApp live status update.

Now, I probably missed taking about the camera tab visible along with the other tabs. If you are confused so as to what you can do with it, this option allows you to directly capture a photo or a video and send it to your friends just like you used to do previously with the tiny camera option in the inbox.

To use the tiny camera option follow the steps given below:

  • Click the tiny camera option and open the camera.
  • Capture a video or a photo, and you will be directed to your friend list.
  • Select a friend or multiple friends that you want to send the picture to.

send status to friends

  • Click the send option.

That’s how you use the new camera feature of WhatsApp, which although is a handy option I don’t think I am much of a fan of this particular feature. But, surely you can have fun with it if you like.

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This is all about the new Whatsapp live status update, I hope you are excited about it but if you are not then let’s see what time has to say about WhatsApp’s latest strategy to improve their service.

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